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THEZAPPING'S TOP SONGS OF 2006 (26 thru 11):

26 ~ BWO, Chariots of Fire
I certainly adored the Bodies' debut album but their sophomore Halycon Days kicked it into overdrive for me. This track is a great example of their ability to craft an insanely catchy pop song that deserves a worldwide platform on a much larger stage.
25 ~ Nerina Pallot, Everybody's Going To War
A year old song that benefited from a fun but wry commentary on war video (ooo a food fight – isn't war pointless) and a whipsmart remix and polish to make it one of the year's more enduring guitar based pop songs from a female singer. Corking live too!
24 ~ The Magic Numbers, Take A Chance
Love Me Like You Do and Forever Lost were two of my favourite songs of 2005. This, the first single from their sophomore album, suggested that while they still retained their sunny sparkle, there was a weariness now to their tunes adding some extra melancholy. Still utterly delicious though…
23~ William Young, All Time Love
A timeless, beautifully song and produced torch song that cemented William's status as the most effortlessly elegant act to come out of any of the Idols. A stunning, yet vulnerable vocal really raised this to a level few could wish to compete with.
22 ~ Dangerous Muse, The Rejection
So what if everyone was raping and pillaging the 80s for influences when songs sounded as exciting and funky as this track. The New York duo certainly built up a web following once this was out, and even now there is a certain thrill when you hear it…
21 ~ Jamelia, Beware Of The Dog
…and the 80s influence continued (or was Personal Jesus 1990?) as Jamelia sampled Depeche Mode and came up with one of the most invigorating pop records of the year. Catchy, dancy and sexy, it did of course get largely ignored by Britain, but what can you expect. Boo!
20 ~ McFly, Don't Stop Me Now
I suspect that many of McFly's Motion…songs will be showing up in this list in 2007. for now, my favourite scamps taking on my favourite Queen song proved to be a little bit too much as they covered it with insane amounts of glee dripping from every note.
19 ~ Jason Mraz, I'm Yours
"I cannot wait, I'm yours, I'm yours" sang Jason and suddenly someone had put into words how I felt as DazPartner and my civil partnership started to get wonderfully close. Simply the most romantic lovely song of the year, with some beautiful memories attached.
18 ~ Girls Aloud, Whole Lotta History
I'm not usually a fan of the Girls' ballads (as they are usually dodgy covers) but this one was a vision in serene beauty and is one of their strongest songs to date. Gorgeous harmonies, a lovely acoustic version and a less slutty than usual video made this the years most poignant break up song.
17 ~ William Young, Ain't Such A Bad Place To Be
William strikes again and gets a little bit funky on yo ass. Or something. The bastard child of George Michael and Prince, this was the spiritual offspring of his best track Your Game and cranked up the funk factor to 11. Why this wasn't a single is beyond me. Major sigh.
16 ~ Shayne Ward, That's My Goal.
Talking of spiritual offspring… I still believe that Shayne Ward is the most POP person ever to win idol/x factor and really, this countdown should be full of his songs. At least this winners single captured the excitement of the show, is a great tune and a powerful vocal from Britain's most mismanaged star.
15 ~ Gavin Mikhail, Brave.
Because Idol singles should be more like this – a lesson in simplicity is actually a multi layered track with great keyboard, optimistic lyrics, soaring vocals and a gigantic chorus. Quite possibly best idol single ever, by a non Idol person.
14 ~ BWO, We Could Be Heroes
Just as the lovely ballad Open Door was my intro to BWO, Heroes bought it back to me that the Swedish lovelies could do dreamboat as well as they could dance the gravy train. Brimming with hope and optimism, this made a lovely early summer single.
13 ~ The Feeling, Sewn
First of three entries for one of the best new acts of the year, this was the one that launched their career and is a gently lilting song that builds into a simple but effective singalong lalala refrain that kept it rightfully in the top ten for weeks. Great video too. Plus it introduced salivating bloggers to Dan Gillespie (Sex)Sells. Rar, etc.
12 ~ Paolo Nutini, These Streets
Now I know you all hate that I love James Blunt so be glad he didn't release new music this year. Fortunately Paolo stepped in instead and provided me with this wistful lookback on childhood and the simpler times we all knew back then. Certainly a rite of passage for this amazing new talent.
11 ~ Deborah Gibson, Someone You Love
I can't say I overly cared for her duet with Jordan Knight, but this valentine offering was a beautiful tale of recognising the joy and comfort we get from that person who loves us unconditionally, whether it be lover, family or friends. So very dreamy and one of my moms favourite songs of the year.
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