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More mp3s that are getting me through the weekend :)

~ Alex Johnson - If I Should Stay (from Instant Star season premiere!)

~ Natasha Bedingfield - I Wanna Have Your Babies (who doesn't?!)

~ Sophie E-B - Down With Love (Catch You b-side)

~ Erasure - I Could Fall In Love With You (clip)

~ Travis - Closer

(expect some musings on the last two on thezapping soon!)

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(or "taking advantage of 70% off day Blue Cross Sale at Debenhams!)

a great going out look - casual but fitted shirt with pristine white tee underneath

silk scarf and waist coat - very Chris Lockdown and Dan Feeling

More grown up look - great bargain on the cashmere sweater and LOVE the tie...

popstar in the making

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The touring/west end cast - who i've seen twice...

The bits in Attitude...

The promotional shots...

Plus check out this mp3 of the french lesson part of the show from the radio play :)

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Sophie Ellis Bextor

Now of course, the delightful Soph has only had two albums out so unless she is following the career path of Samantha Mumba or Billie Piper, she probably won't release a greatest hits just yet! However, after a spectacular and successful debut album, Sophie's second album sadly didn't perform as well and was cruelly abandoned by the record company (though her pregnancy may have had something to do with it?) It's called the Liberty X factor - put out an entirely decent album then only release two singles from it. Those popstars rejects have been coasting on the success of their debut for 5 years now! For her third album, Sophie and the record company will need to market it correctly for her to re-establish herself in the world of pop...

Her first album - Read My Lips - was an effortless lesson in breezy, cool, electro-pop. From the dance smash Groovejet to first single proper Take Me Home, the bar was set. Pop had gone classy and the cheesy (but brilliant) era of Steps, S Club et al was coming to an end. The anthemic Murder On The Dancefloor still has the gays stamping their foots on a saturday night (and once v drunk and waiting for the bar, I leaned across and mouthed the words to the barman at the part in the video where Sophie "confides" the lyrics to the judge. I've never been able to live down the shame). Then something weird happened. Despite 3 top five singles, there was a 7 month wait til the next single and that wasn't even on the album. Why Lover wasn't radio remixed and released in the meantime remains a mystery to me! Get Over You and Music Gets The Best Of Me were both great songs but to me, I couldn't work out whether the record company had lost faith in her songs on the album, or Sophie was eager to get something new out. And while she riding the "special edition" album success, she totally should have released Is It Any Wonder, a totally delightful swoony ballad at Christmas. And heck someone should have a hit with a decent song with that title (Zing keane!)

Shoot From The Hip wasn't quite the triumph of the debut, but was certainly a great album. Turning to the 80s for inspiration way before it was fashionable, the lead off two singles were instantly catchy and quite delightful, yet suffered what is now known as the "rachel stevens/jamelia" effect - quality pop debuting somewhere around no. 10. Then nothing - radio ready tracks like Nowhere Without You and Antoher Day were left languishing. And how about an Ep of covers - one way or another, lets get physical and yes sir i can boogie were sublime exercises in reinterpreting pop history.

Luckily her new single Catch You is a funky slice of electro pop that hopefully will debut higher than ten and lead to an album full of hits...


Take Me Home
Murder On The Dancefloor
Get Over You
Music Gets The Best Of Me
Is It Any Wonder?
Mixed Up World
I Won't Change You
Nowhere Without You
Another Day
Yes Sir I Can Boogie

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Robbie Williams
Disc One:
~ Freedom
~ Old Before I Die
~ Lazy Days
~ South Of The Border
~ Angels
~ Let Me Entertain You
~ Millenium
~ No Regrets
~ You Win Some You Lose Some
~ Strong
~ It's Only Us
~ She's The One
~ United
(bonus track)

Disc Two:
~ Rock DJ
~ Kids
~ Supreme Amour
~ Let Love Be Your Energy
~ Better Days
~ Eternity
~ We Are The Champions
~ Something Stupid
~ Feel
~ Come Undone
~ Something Beautiful
~ Sexed Up
~ Monsoon
~ Radio
~ Misunderstood

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The Immaculate Collection (Volume One Disc One)
~ Everybody
~ Lucky Star
~ Holiday
~ Borderline
~ Like A Virgin
~ Material Girl
~ Crazy For You
~ Into The Groove
~ Angel
~ Dress You Up
~ Gambler
~ Live To Tell
~ Papa Don't Preach
~ True Blue
~ Open Your Heart
~ La Isla Bonita

The Immaculate Collection (Volume One Disc Two)

~ Who's That Girl
~ Causing A Commotion
~ Look Of Love
~ Spotlight
~ Like A Prayer
~ Express Yourself
~ Cherish
~ Dear Jessie
~ Keep It Together
~ Vogue
~ Hanky Panky
~ Sooner Or Later
~ Justify My Love
~ Rescue Me

The Immaculate Collection (Volume Two Disc One)
~ This Used To Be My Playground
~ Erotica
~ Deeper and Deeper
~ Bad Girl
~ Fever
~ Rain
~ I'll Remember
~ Secret
~ Take A Bow
~ Don't Stop
~ Human Nature
~ Forbidden Love
~ You'll See
~ I Want You
~ One More Chance

The Immaculate Collection (Volume Two, Disc Two)

~ You Must Love Me
~ Don't Cry For Me Argentina (radio dance mix)
~ Buenos Aires (radio remix)
~ Frozen
~ Ray Of Light
~ Nothing Really Matters
~ Drowned World/Substitute For Love
~ Power of Goodbye
~ Beautiful Stranger
~ American Pie
~ Music
~ Don't Tell Me
~ What It Feels Like For A Girl
~ Amazing
~ GHV2 megamix

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Greatest Hits Done Right - NYE Blowout!

Whitney Houston

The Singles (volume one)
~ You Give Good Love
~ Saving All My Love For You
~ How Will I Know
~ The Greatest Love Of All
~ All At Once
~ I Wanna Dance With Somebody
~ Didn't We Almost Have It All
~ So Emotional
~ Where Do Broken Hearts Go
~ Love Will Save The Day
~ One Moment In Time
~ It Isn't It Wasn't It Ain't Never Gonna Be
~ I'm Your Baby Tonight
~ All The Man I Need
~ Miracle
~ My Name Is Not Susan
~ Something In Common

The Soundtracks
~ I Will Always Love You
~ I'm Every Woman
~ I Have Nothing
~ Run To You
~ Queen Of The Night
~ Exhale (Shoop Shoop Song)
~ Why Does It Hurt So Bad?
~ Count On Me
~ Step By Step
~ I Believe In You And Me
~ My Heart Is Bigger
~ You Were Loved
~ My Heart Is Calling
~ When You Believe

The Singles (volume two)
(note: I think some of the greatest hits tracks and those that were on My Love… should have been split across two albums proper rather than have a few songs on a greatest hits and then the love songs compilation. Sheesh whitney get it together!)

~ It's Not Right (But It's Okay)
~ My Love Is Your Love
~ Heartbreak Hotel
~ I Learned From The Best
~ You'll Never Walk Alone
~ Could I Have This Kiss Forever
~ Same Script Different Cast
~ If I Told You That
~ Until You Come Back
~ Whachalookinatme
~ One Of Those Days
~ On My Own
~Love That Man (remix)

(PS we love her new song Family First! A return to classic whitney fortunately, rather than bravo tv show whitney. I have hope!)

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21 ~ Nerina Pallot, Geek Love
20 ~ Elton John, Tinderbox
19 ~ The Magic Numbers, Take A Chance
18 ~ Dashboard Confessional, Stolen
17 ~ The Ordinary Boys, I Luv You (new entry)
16 ~ The Feeling, Love It When You Call
15 ~ Gavin Mikhail, Brave
14 ~ Lily Allen, Littlest Things
13 ~ Switch22 – Back To The Dancefloor
12 ~ Westlife, The Rose
11 ~ Simon Curtis, Broken
10 ~ G4, Danny Boy
09 ~ Paolo Nutini, Rewind
08 ~ Simon Curtis, Put Your Makeup On
07 ~ McFly, Sorry's Not Good Enough
06 ~ Scissor Sisters, Land Of A Thousand Words
05 ~ BWO, Will My Arms Be Strong Enough
04 ~ Jamelia, Beware Of The Dog
03 ~ The Killers, Bones
02 ~ Deborah Gibson, Sounds Like Love
01 ~ Take That, Patience (1 week/Christmas Number One)


21 ~ William Young covering Geek Love
20 ~ Scissor Sisters covering Tinderbox
19 ~ The Puppini Sisters covering Take A Chance
18 ~ Matt Willis covering Stolen
17 ~ Avril Lavigne covering I Luv U
16 ~ G4 covering Love It When You Call
15 ~ Shayne Ward covering Brave
14 ~ Robbie Williams covering Littlest Things
13 ~ Girls Aloud covering Back To The Dancefloor
12 ~ Leona Lewis covering The Rose
11 ~ Britney Spears covering Broken
10 ~ Macdonald Brothers covering Danny Boy
09 ~ Take That covering Rewind
08 ~ Kylie covering Put Your Makeup On
07 ~ Nerina Pallot covering Sorry's Not Good Enough
06 ~ Pacific Avenue covering Land Of A Thousand Words
05 ~ Sugababes covering Will My Arms Be Strong Enough
04 ~ Rachel Stevens covering Beware of The Dog
03 ~ McFly covering Bones
02 ~ Mariah Carey covering Sounds Like Love
01 ~ Eton Road covering Patience

Can i just say how thrilled I am that Take That and McFly took 2 and 3 in the british top 40 this week. Take That are still huge sellers and McFly deservedly did so much better than i thought they would. Merry Christmas indeed!

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THEZAPPING'S TOP SONGS OF 2006 (26 thru 11):

26 ~ BWO, Chariots of Fire
I certainly adored the Bodies' debut album but their sophomore Halycon Days kicked it into overdrive for me. This track is a great example of their ability to craft an insanely catchy pop song that deserves a worldwide platform on a much larger stage.
25 ~ Nerina Pallot, Everybody's Going To War
A year old song that benefited from a fun but wry commentary on war video (ooo a food fight – isn't war pointless) and a whipsmart remix and polish to make it one of the year's more enduring guitar based pop songs from a female singer. Corking live too!
24 ~ The Magic Numbers, Take A Chance
Love Me Like You Do and Forever Lost were two of my favourite songs of 2005. This, the first single from their sophomore album, suggested that while they still retained their sunny sparkle, there was a weariness now to their tunes adding some extra melancholy. Still utterly delicious though…
23~ William Young, All Time Love
A timeless, beautifully song and produced torch song that cemented William's status as the most effortlessly elegant act to come out of any of the Idols. A stunning, yet vulnerable vocal really raised this to a level few could wish to compete with.
22 ~ Dangerous Muse, The Rejection
So what if everyone was raping and pillaging the 80s for influences when songs sounded as exciting and funky as this track. The New York duo certainly built up a web following once this was out, and even now there is a certain thrill when you hear it…
21 ~ Jamelia, Beware Of The Dog
…and the 80s influence continued (or was Personal Jesus 1990?) as Jamelia sampled Depeche Mode and came up with one of the most invigorating pop records of the year. Catchy, dancy and sexy, it did of course get largely ignored by Britain, but what can you expect. Boo!
20 ~ McFly, Don't Stop Me Now
I suspect that many of McFly's Motion…songs will be showing up in this list in 2007. for now, my favourite scamps taking on my favourite Queen song proved to be a little bit too much as they covered it with insane amounts of glee dripping from every note.
19 ~ Jason Mraz, I'm Yours
"I cannot wait, I'm yours, I'm yours" sang Jason and suddenly someone had put into words how I felt as DazPartner and my civil partnership started to get wonderfully close. Simply the most romantic lovely song of the year, with some beautiful memories attached.
18 ~ Girls Aloud, Whole Lotta History
I'm not usually a fan of the Girls' ballads (as they are usually dodgy covers) but this one was a vision in serene beauty and is one of their strongest songs to date. Gorgeous harmonies, a lovely acoustic version and a less slutty than usual video made this the years most poignant break up song.
17 ~ William Young, Ain't Such A Bad Place To Be
William strikes again and gets a little bit funky on yo ass. Or something. The bastard child of George Michael and Prince, this was the spiritual offspring of his best track Your Game and cranked up the funk factor to 11. Why this wasn't a single is beyond me. Major sigh.
16 ~ Shayne Ward, That's My Goal.
Talking of spiritual offspring… I still believe that Shayne Ward is the most POP person ever to win idol/x factor and really, this countdown should be full of his songs. At least this winners single captured the excitement of the show, is a great tune and a powerful vocal from Britain's most mismanaged star.
15 ~ Gavin Mikhail, Brave.
Because Idol singles should be more like this – a lesson in simplicity is actually a multi layered track with great keyboard, optimistic lyrics, soaring vocals and a gigantic chorus. Quite possibly best idol single ever, by a non Idol person.
14 ~ BWO, We Could Be Heroes
Just as the lovely ballad Open Door was my intro to BWO, Heroes bought it back to me that the Swedish lovelies could do dreamboat as well as they could dance the gravy train. Brimming with hope and optimism, this made a lovely early summer single.
13 ~ The Feeling, Sewn
First of three entries for one of the best new acts of the year, this was the one that launched their career and is a gently lilting song that builds into a simple but effective singalong lalala refrain that kept it rightfully in the top ten for weeks. Great video too. Plus it introduced salivating bloggers to Dan Gillespie (Sex)Sells. Rar, etc.
12 ~ Paolo Nutini, These Streets
Now I know you all hate that I love James Blunt so be glad he didn't release new music this year. Fortunately Paolo stepped in instead and provided me with this wistful lookback on childhood and the simpler times we all knew back then. Certainly a rite of passage for this amazing new talent.
11 ~ Deborah Gibson, Someone You Love
I can't say I overly cared for her duet with Jordan Knight, but this valentine offering was a beautiful tale of recognising the joy and comfort we get from that person who loves us unconditionally, whether it be lover, family or friends. So very dreamy and one of my moms favourite songs of the year.
Click here for the top ten!

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20 ~ Rachel Stevens: Come and Get It
None of this 'they must have been released in 2006' for me! If I played it a lot in 2006, then it makes the list. Tragically, the public didn't love this superior slice of electro clash pop as much as I did. I Said Never Again… is one of the seminal singles of the past five years and should've been follow up Crazy Boys is equally delightful. Rach even wisely bagged an Alexis Strum song, showing her good taste in writers.
19 ~ Girls Aloud: Chemistry
Girls Aloud proved that with the right songs you can make a career out of reality tv. Their third album was the best yet, featuring the schizophrenic Biology, the ludicrously genius Long Hot Summer and a gorgeous ballad in the form of Whole Lotta History (ignore the dreadful See The Day). Other album tracks Racy Lacey and Models should've been single and made this long player shine.
18 ~ Jason Mraz: Mr A-Z
Despite the fact that his live show at the Academy got cut short and his encores of Geek In The Pink and Wordplay never got played, Mr Mraz's sophomore set was a wonderful mix of witty lyrics wrapped in perky pop tunes and poignant post 9-11 songs of hope and devotion. Life Is Wonderful is a gorgeous tune and his rare outtake from this cd – I'm Yours – soundtracked my civil partnership back in June.
17 ~ Gavin Mikhail: Like Normal People Do
So so much more than a Daniel Powter wannabe, Gavin is your every day guy who just happens to know how to write amazing pop songs that make the spirit soar and put optimism into your daily life. Stellar single Brave is a hit just waiting to happen and tracks like Back for More and Catch Your Fall just percolate with radio readiness. Indeed, this album would be perfect for one of those ubiquitous music show winners and so much better than a lot of the dross that they put out.
16 ~ Nerina Pallot: Fires
Originally released in 2005, it wasn't until this year that her sophomore set caught the imagination of the public. Suddenly Everybody's Going To War had a nifty remix and was all over radio, tv and billboards. Other tracks on the album were equally as elegantly constructed such as Geek Love, Learning to Breathe and Damascus. Plus songs like Idaho, Sophia and All Good People just sparkled with the ability to hook their refrains into your brain and get you through the bad times.
15 ~ Shayne Ward: Shayne Ward
It all started so well. That's My Goal was actually quite a good winners single for the X Factor and Shayne certainly did look quite foxy with his buzzed head and a nifty line in suits and shirts. Plus he'd performed lots of contemporary upbeat songs on the live shows so his album should be a relevant treat. It was only ok – the years highest placed disappointment, Shayne's voice and (yes I'm shallow) sheer sexiness raised it up to the point where the ballads shone through and the uptempo tracks showed real portential. And it's impossible to beat his amazing vocal on Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
14 ~ Jamelia: Walk With Me
The perfect follow up to Rachel Stevens Come And Get It opus was recorded by…Jamelia? And what an utter revelation it was. I had previously written off little Jamrag until the sugababes-esque Something About You came along and did it better than the most recent incarnation of the Babes have ever done. Beware of the Dog turned out to be one of the best pop songs of the year, while Window Shopping mixed camp, kitsch and chart appeal. Yes, this was one album that was destined to under sell and be hugely loved.
13 ~ The Upper Room: Other People's Problems
They started off the year as one of the more promising new groups, mixing bittersweet lyrics about small town life with beautifully crafted melodies and crystalline choruses. All Over This Town and Black&White were throwbacks to the Lilac Time 80s, sweetly bypassing the electronica revival. The album was packed with hit worthy tunes, but by the end of the year with radio not biting and tensions in the band, it sadly seems all over. I'm still down with OPP though and hope to hear more in some format or t'other!
12 ~ The Pipettes: We Are The Pipettes
Welcome to the years most fun album. They don't have the best voices in the world, and the Puppini Sisters certainly knew how to harmonise better. They do have incredibly contaigious songs that were intent on getting people on their feet and making them have a good time. Their live shows ramped up the enjoyment factor and tunes like ABC, Pull Shapes and Judy were dynamic and lovely in the extreme. The title track however, remains an exquisite exercise in hand clapping goodness and lunacy not seen since the hey day of TheB-52s.
11 ~ Paolo Nutini: These Streets
Winning the war for my heart, Paolo ended up kicking dirt in James Morrison's face and surprising me by coming up from behind and gently rocking me into submission. Title track and Last Request (as well as Rewind) proved that Paolo could so swoony moments of reflection and uncertainty alarmingly well for someone of such young years. He could also rock out with the best of them on tracks like the upbeat Jenny, Don't Be Hasty. His voice seemed to belong to another person, but his heart was on the line and he seemed less refined and less polished than James Morrison. Ultimately it made him the far better performer.
Click here to be taken back to the main page for the top ten!

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Top Twenty Albums of 2004

20 ~ The Ordinary Boys, Over The Counter Culture
19 ~ Jewel. 0304
18 ~ Kimberley Locke, Kimberley
17 ~ Sophie B Hawkins, Wilderness
16 ~ Nick Lachey, Soul-o
15 ~ JC Chasez, Schizophrenic
14 ~ McFly, Room On The Third Floor
13 ~ Barenaked Ladies, Everything to Everyone
12 ~ Ocean Colour Scene, North Atlantic Drift
11 ~ Jason Mraz, Curbside Prophet
10 ~ Clay Aiken, Measure Of A Man (oh the never ending shame)
09 ~ Agnetha Falgstok, My Colouring Book
08 ~ Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand
07 ~ Dashboard Confessional, A Mark...
06 ~ The Killers, Hot Fuss
05 ~ Keane, Hopes and Fears
04 ~ Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters

03 ~ Deborah Gibson, Coloured Lights
02 ~ Will Young, Friday's Child
01 ~ Maroon 5, Songs About Jane

Top Twenty Four Songs of 2004

24 ~ Agnetha Falgstok, If I Thought
23 ~ Britney Spears, Toxic
22 ~ Keane, Somewhere Only We Know
21 ~ Kylie, Red Blooded Woman
20 ~ Scissor Sisters, Take Your Mama Out
19 ~ Will Young, Love Is A Matter Of Distance
18 ~ Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved
17 ~ Kylie, I Believe In You
16 ~ Deborah Gibson, On My Own
15 ~ Will Young, Leave Right Now
14 ~ Girls Aloud, Love Machine
13 ~ Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out
12 ~ Dashboard Confessional, Vindicated
11 ~ Diana Degarmo, Don't Cry Out Loud
10 ~ Katie Melua, Closest Thing To Crazy
09 ~ Deborah, Christmas Without You
08 ~ Deborah, Raise The Roof
07 ~ Keane, Everybody's Changing
06 ~ The Killers, Somebody Told Me
05 ~ Scissor Sisters, laura
04 ~ Maroon 5, Harder To Breathe

03 ~ Deborah, I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love
02 ~ Maroon 5, This Love
01 ~ Will Young, Your Game

Top Twenty Albums of 2005

20 ~ Deborah Gibson, Think With Your Heart (my tenth anniversary edition)
19 ~ Girls Aloud, What Will The Neighbours Say
18 ~ The Click Five, Greetings From Imrie House
17 ~ Rachel Stevens, Come and Get It
16 ~ Robbie Williams, Intensive Care (robbies lowest ever placed album on year end chart )
15 ~ Madonna, Confession On A Dancefloor
14 ~ G4, G4
13 ~ Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters (2004 = No 4)
12 ~ Keane, Hopes and Fears (2004 = No 5)
11 ~ Jason Mraz, Mr A - Z (no.11 in 2004 with Curbside Prophet!)
10 ~ Daniel Powter, Daniel Powter
09 ~ Charlotte Church, Tissues and Issues
08 ~ Maroon 5, Songs About Jane (the number one album of 2004!)
07 ~ The Killers, hot Fuss (2004 = No 6)
06 ~ William Young, Keep On
05 ~ McFly, Wonderland
04 ~ The Magic Numbers, The Magic Numbers
03 ~ James Blunt, Back To Bedlam
02 ~ Bodies Without Organs, Prototype
01 ~ Deborah Gibson, Memory Lane Vols 1&2

Top Twenty Five Songs of 2005

25 ~ Bodies Without Organs, 16 Tons Of Hardware
24 ~ McFly, I'll Be Ok
23 ~ Deborah Gibson, Heart and Soul
22 ~ Jason Mraz, Wordplay
20= McFly, All About You
20= Deborah Gibson, Some People
19 ~ Daniel Powter, Bad Day
17= G4, Circle Of Life
17= Kaiser Chiefs, Oh My God
16 ~ Scissor Sisters, Filthy/Gorgeous
15 ~ Rachel Stevens, I Said Never Again
14 ~ The Magic Numbers, Forever Lost
13 ~ Madonna, Hung Up
12 ~ The Magic Numbers, Love Me Like You Do
11 ~ Erasure, Breathe
10 ~ Deborah Gibson, Naked
09 ~ James Blunt, Tears and Rain
08 ~ Jason Mraz, Life Is Wonderful
07 ~ Hard-Fi, Tied Up Too Tight
06 ~ Bodies Without Organs, Open Door
05 ~ William Young, Switch It On
04 ~ The Killers, All These Things I've Done

02= James Blunt, You're Beautiful
02= Deborah Gibson, Til You Come Back Again

01 ~ Deborah Gibson, Until You're All Mine

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